The Chapel Assistants

          Dean Curry  designed the Fisk Memorial Chapel Assistants Program in September 2003. The mission of the Fisk Memorial Chapel Assistants Program is to provide an opportunity for the students, faculty and/or staff of Fisk University to assist the Dean of the Chapel in enhancing the overall religious life of the University community.   Specifically, the Chapel Assistants Program is intend to 1) provide administrative support to the Dean of the Chapel during the worship services which occur at 9:45am on Sunday in the Chapel, 2) provide an ecclesiastical arena for individuals to utilize the “spiritual gifts” (e.g., preaching – see I Corinthians 12) that God has given them in service to the Fisk University community; 3) prepare individuals for the administrative endeavors associated with leading a congregation as a pastor, and 4) broaden the horizons of individuals by encouraging them to participate in an ecumenical and interfaith (on occasion), religious services. 
          The Chapel Assistants are responsible for helping to facilitate worship services held in the Chapel by announcing the morning hymns, praying reading the announcements, collecting money as ushers, counting money (Treasurers only),  assisting with communion service, and promoting events sponsored by the Chapel by creating flyers and/or placing them under the doors in the residence halls. Dean Curry  is the advisor of the Fisk Memorial Chapel Assistants Program. 
          If you are interested in becoming a Chapel Assistant, please see or e-mail Dean Curry at