University Worship Service

The ecumenical, University Worship Service occurs on a weekly basis at 9:30am. The Christian, liturgical calendar, which includes special dates and seasons such as Advent, Epiphany, Lent, Easter and Pentecost, is also observed throughout the year.  Litanies from sources such as the African-American Heritage Hymnal are read on Sunday morning, and speakers such as Bishop Vashti McKenzie, President Robert Michael Franklin, the Reverend Dr. Calvin Butts and the Reverend Dr. Cheryl Townsend-Gilkes speak throughout the academic year. Students often lead these ecumenical worship services and, citizens from the city of Nashville often join us on a weekly basis.  The goal of these services is to strengthen the bonds of fellowship which exists in the University community as well as to determine how the love of God can and should be expressed in a University environment. If you are a resident of Nashville, or simply visiting the city, we invite and encourage you to worship with us.